The Hand Puppet Revolution: Increase Children's Fun and Success

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Here you will find a dose of inspiration, tips and valuable insights to boost children’s learning and growth, all with the help of a hand puppet. My mission? To inspire and support you, as a parent, caregiver, teacher, educator or professional, in increasing your understanding of children and creating a positive learning climate.

Believe me, the hand puppet is no ordinary toy. It’s a gamechanger in children’s lives, and I’d like to help you start using this secret weapon to increase their opportunities for growth. I am ready to share my knowledge, insights and skills with you so that together we can work on language development, solid social-emotional growth and an environment where children can shine.

On my blog you will find practical tips, creative ideas and tools to use your hand puppet. I want to give you the skills and confidence to guide children at a deeper level. My courses and approach offer unique opportunities to gain valuable insights through the hand puppet that children do not readily share with their teacher or educator.

Here, everything revolves around two roles: yours as a teacher, educator or professional and the hand puppet’s. The hand puppet as a recognizable and reliable friend, who takes the child into a world full of fun and challenges.

Let’s work together to create a growth environment where children can develop at their full potential. Join the club and discover the power of the hand puppet!”


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