My puppet JaNee is a real chit chatter. She can talk about everything, has numerous questions and plans in her head, and likes to explore the world her own JaNee-y way.

She has had her own channel in Dutch, but now she lives on Bonaire, got some conversation lessons from Matty and want to chat in English to make many new friends. I build her a chitchat channel theatre in our garden, and this video is the first of a new series with JaNee as your hostess. Let us know if you like it and also what you want to know about us, about our island or what’s JaNee’s opinion about….. so we can use it for future episodes.

In this video, I use JaNee, a human puppet from the mark Living Puppets. I love to work with her and with other puppets of this mark. They are really great, so if you’re looking for a good puppet to play with, visit their site to see where, in your neighborhood, you can order them here.

JaNee as a puppet is not available anymore. She was once produced for my web shop and left the collection when I sold the web shop.

JaNee is always been special to me. She embodies my vision on working with a hand puppet as a tool. I’ve published a lot of video’s wrote many blogs, also articles for magazines, made an instruction DVD and wrote two books about this subject. Currently, we are working on the English translation of the most popular: “The hand puppet as a pedagogical tool”, a guideline for working with a puppet for parents, teachers and other professional educators. The book will be available as an e-book mid June 2022. My mail goal has always been to teach as many educators as I can, how to work with a puppet in a way it helps both the child as the professional. How to use the magic of the puppet to help children speak out, try something new, and practice new skills.

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I'm a teacher, trainer, developer, hand puppetcoach and author of the book "The Handpuppet as an educational tool". I want to inspire you and help you to use a puppet in class. I'm sure the hand puppet makes a big difference in the life of a child, but also in your life. I hope you're gonna enjoy that just as much as I am.

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