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The year is almost over. What has it brought you as a teacher? What did you do? What would you have wanted to do? What do you want to do differently in the new year?

Is staying where you are now an option, or do you want to take a step (or steps) toward a dream, wish or desire?

Especially now, at a time when fear seems to prevail, when you become numb to the succession of measures that curtail you, when you see costs rise, see freedoms evaporate, do not yet know if this will become the new normal, and try to not get too caught up in the news.

What must it be like for young children? It’s a thought that I’m sure goes through your head, too. You probably see the effects of a few years of COVID, of all the turmoil in the world, of the concerns that many families are facing, in your group daily.

My heart shrinks when I hear the stories from childcare and education. Never have I heard so many troubled groups, children who cannot express themselves or adjust, children who cannot focus and are completely overexcited, come along.

Of course there are learning disadvantages, but they will not disappear by offering children activities that they are not ready for or that do not meet their needs. You know that better than anyone else. Grass is not going to grow faster if you pull it.

It’s easy for me to talk, I know. I am no longer in front of the classroom myself and I’m in the role of spectator, of “she who watches from the sidelines”. I work with teachers and educators, I’m watching, observing and finding ways a hand puppet helps you teach a child something.

A hand puppet can take a lot of work off your hands and give you the insight into children, did you know? Or do you see it primarily as that thing you just have to be able to handle?

I have seen the effects of the hand puppet. Learning becomes so much more fun and sparkling with a puppet, the involvement of children increases. But the best of all, it also changes your life and your perception of your work. You do it for the children and, in the process, you find the child in yourself again. You start playing, thinking out of the box and seeing possibilities you didn’t see before.

That is one of the most beautiful side effects of the hand puppet, and I wish you that experience too.

I want to give you a present. A free copy of my e-book “The Hand Puppet As An Educational Tool” worth $9.95. It’s a gift, you don’t owe me anything afterward, and you won’t end up on mailing lists. All I want is to give you something with which you can add light and sparkles in your group, in your work. I would like you to stay afloat, to continue to enjoy your work and want to stay committed to perhaps the most important job there is in life: raising children and allowing them to flourish.

Are you interested? Enter your name and email address and I’ll send you the link for the free download.

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I wish you very happy holidays in advance, make it something beautiful <3



I'm a teacher, trainer, developer, hand puppetcoach and author of the book "The Handpuppet as an educational tool". I want to inspire you and help you to use a puppet in class. I'm sure the hand puppet makes a big difference in the life of a child, but also in your life. I hope you're gonna enjoy that just as much as I am.

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