Manual ” JaNee has Everything”

In 2007 the first edition of “ JaNee has Everything” was published, a manual written for kindergarten teachers who wanted to give concrete form to the hand puppet as a pedagogical tool in the classroom. Working with the hand puppet in the classroom was mainly done with a method and for specific lessons. Using the hand puppet all day long in all possible areas of learning and development was not common. I set myself the goal of writing a manual in which not only the added value of the hand puppet with regard to the development of young children would be elaborated, but which would also offer tools to literally give the puppet hands and feet.

In the manual, the areas of development and the most commonly used themes in pre-primary education were provided with activities and interpretations that could be introduced by the puppet . It was a kind of ‘recipe book’. The manual was written from the hand puppet JaNee , but JaNee was exchangeable for any other puppet . The character of JaNee was constructed and thought out in such a way that she could be both a boy and a girl and in both cases could work on increasing the resilience of children.

“ JaNee has Everything” was published in-house, was reprinted twice and was replaced in 2012 for the manual “The hand puppet as a pedagogical tool“ that no longer focuses solely on education. The activities in the manual are still used within the hand puppet coach vocational school.