How do you involve your class puppet in the weather activity?

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The weather is a daily phenomenon and therefore fits well into a routine. In my class, we looked outside several times a day to determine the weather. Who noticed that weather could change and how do you record that? I let my puppet JaNee get to work with it.

That again?

Early this morning I found JaNee on the floor with her bag, a lot of cards and her new book. I wanted to know what she was doing…

“Well I’m packing my bag for school today and I had already put my cup and lunch box in there but also wanted to put my book in my bag and then these cards fell down. I want to take them with me too because these are about the weather,”

“Yeah, ’cause when I was doing absolutely nothing last week, I looked outside a lot, yeah. And then I saw that sometimes it is sunny outside and then later there are clouds or rain or hail, or very strong wind and then later it can be different weather again. Yeah it can. And when these cards fell down I suddenly thought that I could use them to see what exactly the weather is like in one day, yes. Then I go in the morning look outside when I wake up and then I look for the right card, and then in the afternoon I go to look at the weather again and then I look for the right card and then I will look again later and then search for the right card again. Yes and then I know what the weather was today, that’s a good plan, isn’t it?”

Yes, I think it’s a great plan, but do you know what the weather is on the cards?

“The one with the sun will be when the sun shines, and the one with clouds that you see clouds, and the one with clouds and stripes I think is rain, and the one with clouds and sun means you have clouds and see the sun? Is that possible?”

Yes, that’s possible, you can have sun now and then but not all the time.

“The one with those stripes under the clouds I don’t know, what’s that?”

That is when it is foggy, then you do not actually see the clouds because then the whole world looks like a large white cloud.

“And the one with the stars under the cloud? What is that?

That is when it snows because the other one, the one with those blocks from the cloud that is hail, then it looks like stones are being thrown down from the sky, hail can hurt.

“Okay, so that’s snow and that’s hail and the one with the arrows, that’s lightning or not? That’s similar to what we saw last week when we went home, then we all saw arrows come down from the sky Then it kept getting light and then dark again and then there was a loud bang and then you said it was thunder, didn’t you say thunder and lightning?”

Yes, thunder is the bang you hear and lightning is the flash of light, the arrows that then come down and together you call it thunder.

“Okay, then I know them all now and then I’m going to take them to school, yes, maybe the others would like to watch the weather too, we’ll watch the weather together.”

I think it’s a great plan and I think I’ll just beat a few nails into the wall at home, then we can keep up with the weather at home.

I'm JaNee and I'm Helen's puppet. I assist her, give examples and am the embodiment of her vision of working with a hand puppet as a tool. I'm curious, stubborn, fond of books, full of plans and regularly I make a mistake of judgement of my ability. But yeah, pretty human right?

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