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Did I already tell you why my name is YeNo ? Didn’t think so huh?

Well, my name is YeNo because I like to say YES but I’m not afraid to say NO either. I think they are both nice words because with YES I can tell you what I do want, what I like, and what I allow. And with NO I can tell you what I don’t want, what I don’t like, and what I’d rather not have you do with me. I think yes and no are very useful words, I like to use them both.

I also have a yes-no sign, did you know that? This is handy because with that sign I can also show whether I mean yes or no. If my sign is green I mean YES and if my sign is red I mean NO. Smart isn’t it? I was always good at saying yes and no myself, but when I’m with children they often tell me that they find it difficult, to say yes or no. But if you don’t say it, others won’t know what you mean, they won’t know whether you want something or not because you didn’t say it. And that’s not useful because then you get into a fight, or you get sad because you weren’t allowed to join or something. And then the other person does not understand you because you did not say that you would like to participate. Well, you probably know how it works. So I often take my board with me when I go to class and then show how I do it. And then others can practice with it too. They also can borrow my board or we make a game out of it.

Anyway, you now see my green sign and then I say ‘yes’ or ‘I want that’ or ‘I like that’ or ‘I think that’s good’. Shall I tell you where I show them all? Here it comes:

  • I like it when I can tell my story
  • I like it when I can participate in a game
  • I like it when you want to be my friend
  • I like to learn new things
  • I like to use the computer
  • I would like to be helped
  • I like it when you play along
  • I’m fine with you borrowing my pencils
  • I’m fine you’re riding your bike now
  • I’m glad you’re here
  • I’m glad you help me
  • I like to be here
  • I also want to say something
  • I like you
  • I’m happy with this
  • and a lot of other things but I think you understand the green side now

Is really handy such a board, is also less scary to say YES or NO in the beginning. Yes, with my board you can practice scary things in a less scary way. Tomorrow I will tell you about the red side, about everything I say NO to, so one more night of sleep and then you know that too.

I'm JaNee and I'm Helen's puppet. I assist her, give examples and am the embodiment of her vision of working with a hand puppet as a tool. I'm curious, stubborn, fond of books, full of plans and regularly I make a mistake of judgement of my ability. But yeah, pretty human right?

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