What do I do with my hand puppet within the winter theme?

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of the winter season; I hate the cold, slipperiness and frozen car windows. You will not meet me in a winter sports area or at a holiday resort in a cold country. No, I see the beauty of the season, but I’m always happy when the temperature goes towards 10 degrees or more. Anyway, in the coming years I will not escape the winter and I better make something fun out of it and what better way to do that than with a hand puppet ? So I put my resistance aside for a while and collected some ideas about the winter theme for you.

What do I think of when I hear the word winter?

I start again with a mind map, what should I think of when I hear the word WINTER?

The winter theme provides enough starting points and perspectives that I can do something with. Actually I can approach every season from the same parts:

  • What about the clothes we wear, are they different from last season and if so; what’s different?
  • What about the weather? What does this season have that the previous season didn’t (or had less)? And what can you do with the weather (in terms of concepts, content and playing?
  • What can I say about the things going on in the house?
  • What can I say about the things that take place outside the house?
  • Do I also want to pay attention to the concept of ‘season’, practice with other seasons, the months of the year, etc?
  • Do I want to pay attention to this season in countries other than the Netherlands? Where, in this case, winter might look very different?
  • (and if you have any additions yourself: please use them, it is not my intention to name all angles or to be complete)


Opportunities that arise

Not every winter is the same and there is not every winter a thick layer of snow. If that pack of snow does fall, grab your chance and your puppet , put him or her in a winter outfit and go outside to take some snowy photos. Photos of your puppet within the theme, show immediately that your puppet also has something with the theme and also has to say something about it. A few years ago I made a series of Mo in the snow that I made a collage of. That was easy to realize: it had snowed and I had a garden in which I could take pictures. There was still quite pristine snow and that makes for the most beautiful pictures. When Mo showed the collage to my class, no one had any doubts, Mo had really played with snow and knew what he was talking about. A photo of your puppet within a theme works great, so use it! You have to explain much less, and it really makes it a lot easier to introduce your puppet in the theme.

I also used these photos in a song that I wanted to learn, I combined the photos with concepts in the song and made the above video. Can you do too!

I wish you a lot of winter fun with your puppet and hope to hear from you again.

Until the next blog,

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I'm a teacher, trainer, developer, hand puppetcoach and author of the book "The Handpuppet as an educational tool". I want to inspire you and help you to use a puppet in class. I'm sure the hand puppet makes a big difference in the life of a child, but also in your life. I hope you're gonna enjoy that just as much as I am.

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